John Jamaican Shirts '2Tone'

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정가 ¥15,950 JPY
정가 할인가 ¥15,950 JPY
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The moment of John Lydon and Don Letts visited Jamaica just before "Public Image Limited" was formed.

The trip influenced deeply to the sound and concept of 

Public Image Limited.

Photo Archived by Don Letts...

*Accompanied by two badges. (バッジ2点付属します。)

*The expression of back print may differ slightly one by one. (


Colour : Lydon Blue・British Navy・London Gary

"Loose fit Shirts..." Please see the size chart below.

Size : M / L / XL 

M (cm) Length 73 / Chest : 65 

L (cm) Length 75 / Chest : 67

XL (cm) Length : 77 / Chest : 70 

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